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auspunktrade's Journal

Australian punk trades
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Trade your mixtapes, pins, patches and bracelets..

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This is a community for Aussies to sell or trade punk/goth/indie/etc stuff. Post your auctions, put up photos of what you want to get rid of, or advertise for what you need.

Idea was stolen from Punk Mart and Alt Trade. Because trading with people overseas is annoying, with shipping costs, converting currencies, and all the rest of it.

Just a few small rules:

one__ keep to the alternative theme; don't post your spice girls CDs. because we don't want them.

two__ you've gotta be Australian.

three__ No spaming

four__ when you get your money or goods from someone, make sure you post about it. soon we'll have a feedback page so you can work out if anyone is dodgy.

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